Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crafting Away Again in St. Louis

Ok, so it was my first time being at a CTMH Regional Celebration in St. Louis, I just wanted to say "again" like Jimmy Buffet.  ;)

Today I would like to share some of the fabulous projects we got to work on while in our creative sessions.  The first is a wonderful little tribute to someone I rarely scrapbook about--myself!  They took all of our pictures individually when we arrived and Monica gave us a one-page layout assignment to complete.  Here's mine all finished!

Love the burlap ribbon with Clementine paper...

The Love Blooms My Acrylix Stamp Set was beautiful for this.  I used a combination of Saddle, Creme Brulee, and Goldrush Dye Ink pads and also the New England Ivy Pigment Ink Pad Mini.

Over the two days we were also able to work on two different two-page layouts.  This one is using the papers from the Scholastic Paper Packet.  I was fortunate enough to complete a lot of this one during our session since the pictures I brought were compatible.

LOVE how they used this Perfect Fit Frame My Acrylix Stamp and the twine together for this embellishment.

Here we used some strips of Colonial White Cardstock to make faux tape--awesome effect!  You just tear it to the desired length, mash/bash/crumple, and then used the saddle ink to bring out the creases and lines...super idea!  Ended up looking just like old, yellowed tape.  Almost enough to make a veteran scrapbooker's heart skip a beat though--TAPE???  WHO would use TAPE in a scrapbook???  ;)

I really loved the way the foam tape popped the picture up from the mat.

This next layout I did not get nearly as lucky with.  I totally LOVED it, but my pictures were from my honeymoon, and as much as I love him, my hubby did not fit the "cute as a button" theme, lol!  Muscles and buttons just do not belong on the same page IMO.  ;)  I created the layout using the mats instead of photos.  I will find some cutie pie pics of my girlies to fill them with. (These Clementine colors were really hard to edit, so I apologize in advance for the awful pics!)

The Clementine Papers and Cottage Buttons are so adorable.  Adding the greenery is a wonderful touch. 

Are you a scrapper who prefers to keep your pages mostly papers?  Well, Buttons, Bits, and Bobs My Acrylix Stamp Set created these adorable faux buttons without the bulk!   So cute!  The Artiste Cartridge can cut many of them out as well, so put those scissors away.  ;)

Another fabulous part of this layout is the addition of the Irresistibles Houndstooth Alphabet.  I used the Sorbet Ink to add the color.  Easy-peasy and fully customizable to any color ink you have!

There were two other projects we worked on while in creative sessions.  One was a set of cards that used many of our papers together that were brilliant!  Another was the bracket frame with the Avonlea papers.  I did not get either one accomplished, however, so I took them all home to finish sometime.  I will post them up when (and IF)that happens, lol.  Here I am concentrating hard on folding the rosettes for the Avonlea project:

That was all I finished of it! 

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and well you get the picture.  Just one more post about St. Louis will wrap this baby up, though.  Actually, that is a good thing because my baby is having a birthday and I have WORK to do!  ;)


  1. Fabulous job on those projects! I really like them! Tfs all this info from St. Louis.

    1. Thanks, Amy! They really had put together some great stuff for us to do--I hope I can get the other ones finished sooner than later!


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