Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Roomies in St. Louie

OK, still LOTS more to share about my weekend with Close to My Heart in St. Louis, so here we go!  I heard it was a tradition to make gifts for your roommate(s) at these events, so I wanted to make something super-special for my first time.  Here is what I came up with:

I made a cover for a small notebook to use for writing down all the great tidbits of info we would learn during our sessions.  It was a process to figure out exactly what it would look like, but I KNEW that I would be using the stamp of the US map from the Adventure USA My Acrylix set!  So fun!!!  I also found out that I pretty much stink at stamping letters in a straight line, lol!!!   I made one set for each of my roommates with each girl's first initial on it along with the gift box to hold a matching pen and emery board/paper distresser.  :)

Now, MY roomie, Dana, made this ultra-fantabulous burlap flower for me!  It came in a sweet little treat box.  I popped it on my tool tote so I would have it with me everywhere!  Isn't it fabulous?  I hope she hurries along with that tutorial she said she might make on how to do it!  *wink, wink, Dana!*


THEN, she even had the cutest little pen and notebook set for me!  She had received one from our upline, Mandy Leahy, at Convention and had made one for me off the pattern!  I was super-happy to have one in beautiful Pemberley paper. 

Finally, Shelly was such a sweetheart to give me this wonderful set of cards she had made for a long ago blog post.  I had really admired them at the time--and she brought them for me!!!  I was so excited!  She really made some creative use of the Remarkable Wreath My Acrylix set with a variety of different paper packs.  Love.  Them.  You can see her post HERE.

Tune in tomorrow for Day One of the Regional and MONICA!  :)  (cliffhanger, I know!)


  1. Awesome gifts made by all! Good times.

    1. Thanks, and boy do I LOVE my flower!!!! It was worth every wrong turn, Cydney, lol!


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