Thursday, January 26, 2012

Me again!

I really do need to start taking notes on what I was going to post because when I get here, I freeze!  Ah, well!  Here are four different cards that I have made lately...this first is my first creation on the Imagine I got from Santa, aka, my mother-in-law!  :)  She is sooooo generous to me!  The card was for her too, lol!  Imagine More Cards was the cartridge...
 This next card was for a Cricut Circle challenge before I started my blog.  LOVED how this turned out with all the textures.  Used Art Nouveau, Sophie, Mickey and Friends, and one other...hmmmm...I also used an embossing folder for the bottom trim and for the orange leaf.
 This is my latest entry as soon as I post it for the Weekly Circle Challenge.  We needed to use kraft paper, our cuttlebug folders, and string to make a get well card.  This might be my favorite of them all.  I designed it on my Gypsy with the Gypsy Font and Mother's Day Bouquet Carts.  Flower cuts were: <Fun2> @ 1.5, <Scallop2> @ 1.25, and <daisy2> @ 1.25.  The beautiful white flower is from the last CTMH catalog.  I used a blue paper from the Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Nostalgic Collection and papers from my scraps.

 This is a dear card to me because it is for my friend whose cousin passed away last week.  They were blessed to have more of a brother/sister relationship, so she is really hurting right now.  She lives in another state, so I needed to send her a hug.  I cut the large flower out of a paper scrap.  Then I used my Gypsy to design the other flowers and leaves using the Flower Shoppe and Mother's Day Bouquet Carts.  The sentiment, 'hugs' was welded with the Gypsy with the parentheses being from the gypsy font as well as the letters.

All of these were created with my stash!  Happy stash crafting!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More pics to pin...

Ok, next up in the great pin-up is my entry for another contest in the Circle.  This ended up also being my Christmas gift for my local friends!  I used the wreath on Sophie cut at a relative width of 4.  The heart is from George and Basic shapes cut at a relative height of 2.5.  Christmas is from Winter Woodland cut at a 1.236 relative height.  Love is from Storybook with a Lacy Label shape around it cut at a 1.44 relative height.  I love the way it turned out!  This is the version for my friends:

 This is the original version for the Circle entry:
I also made a birthday gift during the long and lovely Christmas break.  I created a stationery set of four thank you cards using the Spring Holiday Cards Cart and a rectangle from CCR Basics cut at 3.931 x 5.194.  I used the Ebony and Ivory paper from Core'Dinations for the rectangle.  Then I embossed the words using some Sizzix folders.  A quick sanding job brought out the darker lettering.  Of course, I had to embellish juuuuuust a bit more with some bling and liquid pearls...

That's all for now, folks!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where did my crafty time go?

Oh bother.  I suppose it was bound to happen.  I have the after-Christmas-break-blues.  Sigh.  Anywho, there is a great group of gals putting together their noodles and pinning away on Pintrest to create the Cricut Boards!  This is something I can sink my teeth into for sure even if I can't create to my heart's content right now.  Click up above on the word Pintrest to see my boards!  I have a few photos of my projects to upload here so that I can get them propperly pinned.  The word of the day is PINTREST!  Goodness, it is a time-sucking black hole if you let it!  *giggle*  Like you have any control over it once you start, ladies!  ;)

OK, first up is a coolio little game I made for my baby girl's 7th birthday party.  RJ is TOTALLY into Disney's Cars, so I bought myself an Expression and the Cars Cart!  Wahoooie!  Here is Pin the Tow on Mater...

Next up we have the goodie bags I made for my big P's class Christmas celebration.  It is a bag from the CTMH Art Philosophy Cart.   I just made it as big as I could in the Cricut Craft Room.  Then I stamped it with baby Jesus, glittered up the star with my gold stickles, and topped it with some stretched out cotton balls.  The snowflake name tags are from Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake art, I believe.

That is all for tonight!  I will be back for more pinning posts...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Birthday Card

So much for my great start!  There was definitely more time for crafting over the girls' Christmas break.  *sighs heavily*  Now it is back to reality.  Here is a card I made for my mother's birthday coming up.  I was supposed to use my oldest papers for a challenge in the Use Your Stash thread in the Cricut Circle.  I chickened out by using the white side of them in my Imagine!  I just couldn't use the plaids and florals that I why is it that I have kept them this long????  Yep--I am a craft hoarder for sure.  The word of the day is hoarder.  I have tons of supplies that I don't use, yet cannot seem to part with for whatever reason. 

Here is the card before I forget, lol:

I used A Child's Year for most of the cuts except for the lettering which I used the MS Seasonal Cake Art cart for.  I also used Hopscotch and Imagine More to fill in the patterns.  I am not exactly thrilled with how the lettering turned out, but I was short on time.  I had created the entire layout on CCR (cricut craft room), but it would not work for me at the time I needed to make it.  Instead, I was left with doing it on the Imagine screen, so sizing was a big issue.  It turned out a bit on the playful side, but a bit off too.  Teaches me to not procrastinate, I suppose!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cricut Circle Magazine Challenge Entry is Finished!

Hello!  I am off to a much better start with my crafting this year!  For the Mag challenge, we have to use the Cricut Craft Room to design and cut any project of our choice.  Well, my neighbors are about to have a little bouncing, baby boy any day now, so I took the opportunity to make a little something for them.  It is a decorated shadowbox frame--one of my new favorite things to make, by the way!  They can add a picture of the little sweetie after he arrives.  I really like how the colors came together...
 You can see how I made the boat and one of the clouds pop with some adhesive foam.

 I had a lot of fun with the waves.  I grabbed each point with my tweezers and pulled!  Gave them a bit of motion, don't you think?  :)
I used my E2 to cut this project from CCR.  The carts I used were Jubilee for the letters, Pooh and Friends for the clouds and sail boat, Lacy Labels for the matting for the picture, and Life's a Beach for the waves.  The background paper is Recollections Fashionably Chic from M's.  The brown in the little boat is actually a thin cardboard backing from some packaging.  That awesome paper in the middle is Bazzill Basics Dotted Swiss cardstock.  I love it!  Here is the BEST part of this project--I purchased NOTHING new for it!  I used materials that I already owned and mostly paper scraps for my cuts!  I have joined in on a great thread in the circle message boards in which all of the participants are using only the crafty things we already own all the way through March 31st!  There are a few things like adhesive and cricut blades or mats that we are allowed to buy and we do get one pass during the time frame.  People have already shown some great things they are working on, and I cannot wait to post this!