Monday, October 8, 2012

Aaaaaand CUT! That's A Wrap!

This entire journey to St. Louis and back has been such a whirlwind!  It is literally a week later and this is my last post, so it kind of brings the whole incredible journey to an end.  *sniff*

I do have some amazing pics of artwork from corporate to share, and I saved them for the grande finale!  I want to make so many of them!!!  Actually, you may see some of them in the new "Clearly the Best" video series being released.  Here we go!

First up are a few of the Operation Smile Silent Auction items.  I believe we raised over $800 with all of the auctions.  Way to go, St. Louis!

This fabulous memo board had magnet, cork, and chalkboard sections and came with little magnets and push-pins that were customized to match!  Amazing!

This is a dry erase board created by using a simple picture frame and dry erase markers--had no idea you could do that!

Now this one was simply too adorable--a nightlight decorated with Stella paper and our new ribbon!  How cute is that!?

A beautiful Bracket Frame in Avonlea.

Gorgeous flower on this My Creations Cube!

Alright--now I found two pictures that had disappeared when I typed up my earlier posts--well, they won the game of hide and seek earlier, but I found them!  The first one is the ONE picture I took of  the colored cards for the contest.  I think it is beautiful!

The next one is my very first project we did--a very simple card that we got to try out the new pigment inks with.  I found out quickly that I needed to be more liberal with the ink, lol.

The following pics are projects they talked about and showed some techniques to us on how to do certain parts.  I would literally be typing forever to explain it all, so if you really like something and have a question about how they did that (hee, hee) then ask away and I will help if I can!  ;)

Whew!  Thanks so very much for staying with me on my journey to St. Louis and back!  I hope you learned something from our adventure together!  Here are just a few parting pics as we close.  :)

Thank you for making my trip super-spectacular, roomies!  :)

Cannot wait to do it again sometime!  :)


  1. I think the pictures we took of the Arch between the buildings will always be etched in my mind when I think about our trip to St Louis. Such a gorgeous picture! Did you share your projects you made for the contest? I might have missed that post, I'm off to read back thru your posts :)

    1. Yep--you must have missed it! Hope you found it! ;) That picture is simply a classic. Already.

  2. LOVE the pics and ideas! The arch pic is great in its frame of buildings. Good Eye!

    1. Thanks soooo much! I love that pic--it is one of those where you look up and go aha! ;)


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