Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Planners Gotta Have MINIONS!

Hey everyone!  I am back with another post about how I make the adorable little Minion clips for my planner.  If you missed it, you can see my original post HERE with my first directions on making them with the NEW Close to My Heart Thumb Notch Punch

Well, I watched the Minion movie over the weekend, and realized I need to make BOB!  I whipped up another batch and took a few pics and measurements to help you out with creating YOUR minion army!  Hope this helps...

Here's Bob!
I found the best thing to use for holding these guys together was my trusty Liquid Glass.  I applied it on the back side of his head, lay the paperclip on top, dabbed a bit more LG, then added the Canary CS head.  A bit of pressure is all you need, being careful to wipe off any excess glue that squishes out.  
There wasn't an issue holding it together when I was just making the one minion, but since I had several to make this time, I needed a process to free up my hands.  These clips worked perfectly since there is a notch the keeps them from touching the glue!

This notch keeps the clips from sticking to the glue!
Now, here are the sizes for adding the googly eyes:

2-eyed minion: 1/4th inch size eyes and a 1/8th inch wide strip of black
1-eyed minion: 3/8ths inch eyes and a 3/16ths inch wide strip of black

The final step is to give your little guys some character by adding a grin and some hair!

Thanks so much for stopping in today!  If you have any questions about these guys, just ask!  If you want to make your own, just pick up a Thumb Notch Punch and some Liquid Glass from my website and start creating your OWN minion army!  :)  I used the Pacifica and Canary CS if you are interested in the exact colors.  See you soon!

Only in January!

This month ONLY!

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