Monday, January 25, 2016

Moon Phases on Monday

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share a quick project that showcases one of the reasons being a crafty mom with a Cricut cutting machine ROCKS!!!  ;)

My youngest needed to make a model of the moon phases, and one of the choices was to make a mobile.  Now, I am NOT the mom that DOES my kiddos homework for them (good golly I already had to go through school once, I've done my time!)  I just showed her how to put the images on the mat on the iPad and size them, and away she went!!!  I hardly had to give her any direction after that except to supervise proper mat insertion (seriously, these kids have a built-in iChromosome these days!)  Here is her finished project!

The entire mobile hangs from a tube hanger...
 She colored in each dark side of the moon...

She chose Topiary and Pacifica CTMH CS

The Earth is found on the Close to My Heart Artistry Cartridge, while the Moon and Sun are found on my CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge.

Canary CTMH CS
I wish I could tell you the mobile made it to school tangle-free, but that is a strory for another day!

Raise your hand if YOUR kiddos have helped create a school project with a Cricut cutting machine!
This was not our first, and I am SURE it won't be the last!  ;)

Thanks for stopping in today!  Have a STELLAR week! 

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