Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Washi Wednesday: Bible Journaling Edition

Welcome back to another wonderful washi filled post all about my latest Bible journaling!  I am SO grateful that you stopped by and hope you find inspiration here.

Back in January, I signed up for one of those "read through the bible in a year" emails...and wouldn't you know it, I finally read the first one for this post, lol.  I don't really thrive on structure.  Guess that is an understatement.  ;)

What I DO know is that when I seek God out in His Word--the Bible--He has a way of being very pertinent to me in my NOW.  SO whatever the reason I didn't read that verse last month...when I read it NOW--was the right time.  I hope that makes sense.  If I had read it then, it would not have had the right impact.  Don't let that encourage you to procrastinate--I'm just saying that God has a way of making ANYTHING work out.  :)

Here is what I started with in Exodus 14...

Remember--I'm a stamper and a sticker-er, hahaha, not an artist.  I LOVE playing with letters though, so tried a bit of fancy lettering.  I ran some fun gelato sticks over the lettering and rubbed it with my finger to blend.  This is SO easy and makes such a wonderful feeling.  Next came the washi!

Those last two words are kind of hard for
 I googled some fonts to try and freehand for this page...the star was MY idea though!  :)

THIS gold polka-dot washi is one of my faves.

Since I have tons of Close to My Heart washi from being an independent consultant, I have a lot to work with...I have no idea how I collected SO many of the others though!  ;)

There's those two words again...sigh.
I hope you were able to get some inspiration from the art or from the Word today too!  :)


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