Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby You A Song...Cruise Meets Artbooking for Heart 2 Heart Challenges

Welcome back to another Heart 2 Heart Challenge for the month of August!  My kiddos head back to school today, and I am torn between pushing them out the door and hanging on to them for dear life.  Sigh.  Anyone feel me there?

Anyhow, this new challenge is an amazing one!  We are calling it With a Song in My Heart.  What is the song in YOUR heart right now?  We want you to be inspired by it for this challenge and use that song, along with your Close to My Heart products, to create a project of your own!

MY song is one that I have heard two versions of over and over and over, and over, do you catch my drift here???  It is called Cruise, and my country heart prefers the original version by Florida Georgia Line.  My teenager, on the other hand, is rockin' out to the remix featuring Nelly, lol.  I have grown accustomed to both this summer, and it has sort of become our theme song around here.  :)  If you haven't heard it before, take a peek HERE (G country version) and HERE (PG remix.) 

Anyhow, let me tell you about the PROJECT now!  My teen finally got her driver's licsense (am I the ONLY one who misspells that word every time I write it???) license this summer.  To celebrate the fact that she gets to drive to school instead of riding the bus, I made her a little folder to hold her insurance card and registration papers in her car!  :)

I used the new Close to My Heart Artbooking Cartridge to simply cut out the folder shape on page 43 of the handbook with my Laughing Lola Paper Packet.  This is what it looked like before and after simply folding along the score lines and applying a bit of adhesive.

This is my daughter's little white Toyota!  :)  It is a cute little car stamped in White Daisy Pigment Ink from the Fast and Furious My Acrylix.  I know she doesn't drive with the music too loud, so it is a bit of an exaggeration, lol.  I could not find any musical embellishments, so I made my own with these little black sequins from the Mini Medley Accents Black collection.  I just drew the lines on with a black marker.  :)  The puffs of dust behind her car are so cute with these Striped Slate Twist Ties!

I love this little word bubble stamp from the Laughing Lola Workshop on the Go Scrapbooking Kit.
I blinged it up with some tiny sparkles of all colors present and past.  The large black swoosh of sparkles is from the Sparkles Flourishes Black.  The purple bow on the paper clip is from the Laughing Lola Assortment--isn't that brilliant!  Little fish-tail flags from the zip strip and tan glitter paper finish it off.

Inside the folder, I added some cute details as well with the Lola workshop My Acrylix and All the Details.

The adorable file folder is on page 42 of the Artbooking handbook.  I cut it out of Laughing Lola has a bit more of a greenish tinge than the pictures show...ah, lighting how you taunt me!  ;)
The cute stoplight is from the Cricut Artiste Cartridge, and the keys are from the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection (I didn't want them to feel left out!)  ;)

Can you guess the three kinds of glittery products I used in this stoplight?  :)  I'll reveal it at the bottom of my post, so hang with me a sec!

Well, the folder was an absolute hit, complete with squeals of glee, so I am one happy Momma right now!

You know the drill by now, right?  It is YOUR turn to listen to the song in YOUR heart to join in our fun!  Come and link up with us over at Heart 2 Heart Challenge Blog and you could be the top chick this month!  I can't wait to see you sparkle and shine!  Hey, is there a song about that???  :)

Speaking of sparkle....those three kinds of sparkle I used on the stop light are RED shimmer trim, green glitter paper, and tan glitter paper!  You just can't have too much glitter! 


  1. For some reason it seems like she should get pulled over so she can show off this adorable creation. It's a shame to shove it in the glove compartment.

    1. Never looked at it from that angle, lol! Maybe it would touch the office so much that she would drive away with a warning? ;)

  2. What a CLEVER idea!!! I have all boys (except for the baby but it'll be a LONG time before she drives) and something like this would never be "allowed"

    I hear you about school starting! I work full time outside the home so the only reason I'm looking forward to school starting is not hearing "I'm bored". That also means all the extracurricular activities begin too which means this mamma will be BUSY!!!

    1. Yes, you will be! Enjoy your baby girl while she is little! I am sure that I don't need to tell you THAT one. ;) Thanks, Katy!


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