Friday, June 23, 2017

Use It, or Lose It!

It is time!!!  Time I finally used THAT paper...THAT embellishment...THAT frame.  You know what I'm talking's time to use your crafty stash!  Do you even remember what you bought that roll of ribbon FOR???

Today my crafty friends and I are hopping to use our stash (see what I did there?)  ;)

You may have hopped over from Jayma's Blog, but if not, be sure to catch her post by hopping around our short circle.  Just click the next name at the bottom of each post.

Heeeeeeeeeere's my project!

This qualifies as one of those "difficult to capture on camera" projects, but don't worry!  I took a bunch of pics to help you get the feel of it...(now channel your inner Maui as you sing this...) you're welcome!  ;)

The following sentiment would be the entire reason I fell head over heals for the Stationery Noted paper line from Teresa Collins back when it came (gulp) 2013!!!  What can I say, a girl sometimes needs a while to get the nerve to cut up ponder beautiful paper! 

I attached my very favorite saying via red shimmer trim to a background of Close to My Heart's Uptown Fundamentals vellum paper with gold dots...

I apologize in advance for the long post!  This project has just been soooooo long in the making that I am swoooooning with joy about it all coming together so seamlessly!  Now, THIS little saying just about wraps up my baby girl--she marches to her own beat no matter what anyone else thinks.

The gold foil embellishments in the Springtime Complements were PERFECT for my project!

Cue the tears...sorry!  I have no less than ten shots of her pulling this wagon with reckless abandon through the sprinkler at our old house last summer...oh to be so happy-go-lucky about just having the BEST time of your life in the sprinkler!

Now this one is for me.  The picture below this statement shows us standing alongside a ravine in TN while we were hiking...and I'm absolutely beyond terrified.  But I did it.  With a smile.

The final motivational sentiment would take FAR too long to explain it's family meaning around here...just suffice it to say that when I most feel like controlling a situation I need to extend grace.  To my girlies.  And let's just say I am always practicing.  :)

I used the red Prickly Pear Sequins for a bit more bling!

Thank you sooooooo much for sticking with me here...and even if you didn't, lol.  The next stop on our hop is Kelly, so get on out while you can before I start talking again!

WAIT!  (what did I tell you!?) Here is a list of all the crafty ladies on our hop today in case you need it...

Amie (that's me!)



  1. know I love that sparkle sentiment, too!! That is amazing! This is so cute...all of your "old" supplies are still so cute and look great together.

  2. I LOVE how all of this came together, Amie!!! I totally forgot that I have this same frame (is that the right word to use?! Or is it a shadow box? HA!) And you're right. These types of projects are so hard to photograph, but I think you did a great job!! I'm going to have to find this frame (or shadow box?) this weekend and create!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Oh Amie, I LOVE every bit of this post!!! Everything came together amazingly well, you would think you bought it together. All the sayings are perfect, and I love seeing glimpses of your beautiful family! I have a son who marches to his own beat... so I did get a little teary! 😘

  4. Amie, so glad you gave all your explanations....loved reading about them...and great 'sayings'! Turned out super!


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