Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last One, I Promise!

Alright, I said I had more of this particular stamp set left in me.  You didn't believe me did you?  ;)

I am a woman of my word!  Here is my LAST Dream Pop/Just for You combination...for now.

This is actually the last photo too, because I can't find the rest on my computer!  Lol...divine intervention?  ;)

I will never get tired of this design though, so I am making NO promises they won't show up again!  I CAN promise they will be making an appearance in my Etsy Shop!  Check it out along with all my other cards and home decor items HERE!


  1. Don't know how I missed this one...SOOO great! I, too, love this stamp set, and using it with the Dream Pop pre-printed sentiment...inspired. Plus the grey button with the pink centre is delicious!

    1. I thought it was super-yummy too! Thanks so much! Have any links to yours? Or not blogged? I want to see!!! ;)


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